Our Services

We are in the business of helping you get back to life, despite the challenges.

After a life-changing injury, everyone will be affected in a unique way.

Neuro Rehab Works provides specialist bespoke assessment and rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions, in their own environment, addressing areas such as:

»    Cognition (thinking skills)
»    Physical skills (weakness or sensory loss, walking and balance problems, seating and positioning)
»    Fatigue management (I have never felt exhaustion like this before)
»    Personality and Behavioural changes (difficulty controlling myself/affecting others)
»    Anxiety (controlling thoughts, fears)
»    Challenges completing my daily activities (relates to everything you do in a day)
»    Trouble going back to school or work
»    Changed life roles (parenting, relationships)

Occupational Therapy

OT helps you understand the interaction between your neurological condition and how you live life. We are experts in those everyday sorts of things often taken for granted.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Getting back to work after an injury can be the highest priority for many people. We offer community-based Vocational Rehabilitation as part of a seamless rehab service.